Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a Car Online

  1. How does buying online work?

    Buying a car online is a quick and easy process. When you have narrowed your search down to a couple of cars, you can submit your request to our network of dealers. The dealers will then determine the best price they have available for the car you requested. There are a number of factors involved here to determine their price, but going through this process, they have the ability and desire to offer the lowest price available. They will then either contact you by phone, or e-mail, and let you know what they have available and at what price. You can then schedule a visit, or let them know that the price isn't good enough, or you are looking for something different. There is no obligation to buy the car.

  2. Why does this get me a better price?

    Because you will be paying the Internet, or wholesale, price for the car. How will you be paying that you ask? Well, dealers have 2 main sales departments, retail sales, and wholesale/internet sales. The goal of the retail sales group is to generate as much money as they can from buyers that come off the street. The goal of the wholesale/internet sales group is to generate as many sales as they can. Car manufacturers give special incentives to dealerships based on how many cars they sell. It is in the best interest of the dealer to move alot of cars, because they get the better deals and incentives from the manufacturers.

  3. Why is my contact information needed?

    We use your address information to determine our certified dealers in your area. The dealer will then use your e-mail address, or phone number, to provide you details about the pricing of the car you requested.

  4. How much does this cost?

    This service is absolutely free, and there is no obligation what so ever.

  5. Can I submit more than 1 car price request?

    If you are looking for different makes of car (i.e. Toyota, and Honda), you can use the same address. If you want to get quotes from a couple of dealers for the same call, you should enter a different zipcode.

  6. Can I lease a car through this?

    You sure can. The same deal applies to leases as it does to buying the car out right.

  7. Can I negotiate with the dealer once they give me a quote?

    Yes, but you usually will not need to, as they will give you the best price availalble, but sometimes they may not be able to offer as good a deal as another dealer. We recommend you submit a request for a zip code in another area to compare the pricing. You could then always bring the quote to your preferred dealer and let them know this is what you are willing to pay.


  1. How does a lease work?

    When you lease a car, you are paying to use it for a certain period of time. Price is based on what the car is initially worth, and what it is expected to be worth at the end of your term. This allows you to get more car for your monthly payment, then if you were buying the car out right. The only difference is that after your term, you have nothing to show for your monthly payments.

  2. Am I able to get out of it early?

    You are able to, however, since you haven't built up any equity in the car, and it takes the biggest depreciation hit in the first year, you will likely owe some money to get out of the lease. There are services that try to put lease sellers in touch with lease buyers that can solve this problem.

  3. What is "normal" wear and tear?

    It isn't expected by the Lease company that you will return the car in perfect condition. When you get your lease, they will likely give you some details about what is considered "normal" wear and tear. That could include the following:
    • Chips in the windshield, but no cracks
    • A few door dings (under a certain size specified)
    • Tires should be in fair shape
    • A limited number of scratches
    • All equipment should be in good working order
    If you plan to buy, sell or trade the car in early, there will not be any charges. Charges only apply if you plan to return the car to the Lease company